Reducing Your Office Overhead (Part 2)

A fast growing company comes with many complications, one notably being changing furniture needs (and their associated costs). Just like with a baby, you don’t want to invest considerable money into something your business is going to grow out of in a few short months. Here’s how we helped a technology company save space and money in their early stages of growth:


In the early stages, this company was looking for a space to develop their product and keep overhead costs as low as possible. We hooked them up with used traditional work stations, saving them money on office furniture and real estate!

Once the product was fully developed and they’d secured some initial funding, they  shifted gears to recruitment. We helped them modify their existing furniture to make the space more open by lowering the height on a variety of products. We also reduced the size of existing products, giving them more room for common space and cutting down even more on real estate costs. We even helped them work in some bar height tables with white board surface – and of course – a ping-pong table!

Are you part of a growing company that could use some help cutting furniture costs? Contact us today!  (877) 524-7673 OR

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