On Nonconventional Workspaces

Nonconventional workspaces have become the newest office space trend, especially among tech giants such as Amazon, Twitter, and Airbnb. They combine unique furniture with open meeting spaces and create a less rigid office layout. While the jury is still out on whether or not these new spaces do in fact increase worker productivity, here are a few of our favorite nonconventional workspaces.


You can’t go anywhere without hearing this tech giant’s name recently. Amazon has over 341,000 employees and shows no signs of slowing, but great expansion comes with a need for office space.


Amazon has been expanding rapidly in downtown Seattle, but by far their most interesting development is the Biosphere. Built below 3 of Amazon’s new skyscrapers, these giant glass domes will be filled with wildlife come 2018.

amazon-seattle-biosphere-dome                                                                                                                                     Via Business Insider 

Of course, everything beyond a few retail shops on the ground floor won’t be open to the public.


The San Fransisco tech giant is well known for its social media platform, but did you know employees get access to a yoga studio, fitness room, game rooms, and even a large cafeteria?

PHOTO-5_Twitter-Cafeteria-©-Courtesy-of-Glassdoor-650x433Via The Culture Trip


Perhaps our favorite of all, check out these unique camping-inspired meeting rooms available to all Airbnb employees.

PHOTO-2_Airbnb-Camping-Meeting-Rooms-©-Courtesy-of-Officelovin-650x433Via Office Lovin

Want to steal some talent from a tech giant? Click here for a few simple ways you can make your office more millennial friendly.

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