October 19, 2012

Paint color and office mood

     Thinking of painting your office?  Studies show that the color you choose can affect your employees mood and energy level.  The paint on your office walls should reflect the mood you want in your work environment.

     Yellow:  This color suggests joy and optimism.  It also stimulates the brain and encourages those around to pay attention.  Too much bright yellow may have an adverse effect–studies show that people in intense yellow rooms lose their tempers more often than those in other color rooms.

     Blue:  Blue is the color of serenity.  It has shown to slow heart rate and lower blood pressure.  It can also inspire unity and confidence.  Blue may be a good choice for a fast-paced, high stress work environment.

     Green:  is the color that is the most restful on the eye.  It is refreshing and implies youth and vigor.  It is most people’s favorite color.

     Red (and to a lesser extent, orange):  This energetic color stirs up excitement.  Use sparingly!

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September 4, 2012

Today’s subje…

Today’s subject:  why buy a piece of office furniture from a dealer when similar looking products can be purchased from a retailer for less than half the price?  It would seem faster, cheaper, and more convenient to buy retail.  But this thinking is short-sighted. Commercial office chairs, desks, filing cabinets, etc. are constructed from high quality materials and designed to last for many years with daily use.  Retail furniture is not.  Case in point:  in April, Office Depot and the Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled over 300,000 leather desk chairs due to injuries caused by faulty welding.  Before making an office furniture purchase, small or large, consider how long you expect it to last, and consult with and expert.  Visit us at kairosfms.com for more information.


August 14, 2012



Welcome to Kairos Furniture Management Services.  The purpose of our blog is to inform and educate about commercial office furniture.  Today we’re going to tell you about how Kairos FMS differs from other commercial office furniture dealerships.

We are a furniture “management service” and are uniquely structured to handle every difficult logistical and operational challenge that may arise when you relocate, re-stack, expand or contract your office space.  Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel deal these challenges daily.  They work with architects and contractors about cabling and deal with building managers on insurance and delivery requirements.

We act as the single point of communication and accountability to anticipate and address every project challenge! Find out more at kairosfms.com